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Are you looking for cutting-edge home automation and CCTV solutions in Porvorim, Goa? Look no further! At The Handy Goan, we specialize in transforming homes with advanced technology, providing top-notch services to residents of Porvorim and the surrounding areas.

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Smart Home Automation

Smart Home Automation in Porvorim Goa

Transform your Porvorim home into a smart home with our advanced automation systems. Control lighting, temperature, entertainment systems, and more with a simple touch or voice command. Our smart home solutions are designed to provide convenience, security, and energy efficiency, making your home life more comfortable and sustainable.

roof automation

Roof Automation in Porvorim Goa

Experience the ultimate convenience with our roof automation solutions. Whether it’s for skylights, sunroofs, or roof vents, we provide automated systems that allow you to control your roof settings effortlessly. Enjoy natural light and ventilation with ease, enhancing your living environment in Porvorim.


Gate Automation in Porvorim Goa

Secure your property with our state-of-the-art gate automation systems. Our solutions include automated gates that offer both security and convenience. Control access to your home with remote control, keypad, or smartphone, providing peace of mind and ease of use for Porvorim residents.

cctv Services - The Handy Goan

CCTV Solutions in Porvorim Goa

Protect your home and loved ones with our reliable CCTV solutions. We offer high-quality camera installations that provide clear and comprehensive surveillance. Monitor your property in real-time from anywhere, ensuring that your Porvorim home is always safe and secure


PDLC Smart Glass in Porvorim Goa

Enhance your home’s privacy and energy efficiency with our PDLC Smart Glass solutions. This innovative technology allows you to switch between transparent and opaque states with a simple switch, providing instant privacy and reducing energy costs. Perfect for modern homes in Porvorim looking for advanced solutions.

Why Choose The Handy Goan in Porvorim, Goa?

Conveniently located in Porvorim, Goa, we are dedicated to improving your home’s security, convenience, and energy efficiency. Our team of experts ensures that each service is tailored to meet your specific needs, providing peace of mind and enhanced living experiences.

Whether you’re in Porvorim or the surrounding areas, trust The Handy Goan to deliver exceptional home automation and CCTV solutions. Contact us today to learn how we can make your home smarter and more secure!

Customer Testimonials

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"The Handy Goan transformed our home with their smart systems. Now we can control everything from our phones!"
Priya S
"Our home feels much safer with the new security system installed by The Handy Goan."
Rohan D
"The automated gate system is fantastic. It’s convenient and gives us peace of mind."
Ayesha K

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