Automatic Boom Barrier Gate Automation in Goa | Complete Guide


Automatic boom barriers have become an essential part of modern security systems. They provide an efficient and reliable way to control vehicle access in various environments, such as parking lots, residential areas, and commercial spaces. In this guide, we will explore the different aspects of boom barriers, including types, pricing, and their significance in enhancing security. The Handy Goan is your trusted partner in Goa for high-quality automatic boom barriers and professional installation services.

What is a Boom Barrier?

A boom barrier, also known as a boom gate, is a bar or pole pivoted to allow the boom to block vehicular access through a controlled point. Typically, the boom barrier rises in a vertical arc to allow vehicles to pass when access is granted.

Types of Boom Barriers

  1. Manual Boom Barrier: Operated manually using a lever or crank.
  2. Automatic Boom Barrier: Uses an automated mechanism, often controlled by remote, RFID, or a push button.

Automatic Boom Barrier

Features and Benefits

  1. Convenience: Automated control for seamless operation.
  2. Enhanced Security: Prevents unauthorized access effectively.
  3. Durability: Built to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Common Applications

  • Parking Lots: Control entry and exit of vehicles.
  • Residential Areas: Enhance security in gated communities.
  • Commercial Spaces: Manage access in office buildings and industrial areas.

Boom Barrier System

Components of a Boom Barrier System

  1. Boom Arm: The physical barrier that blocks the path.
  2. Control Unit: Manages the opening and closing mechanism.
  3. Sensors: Detect vehicle presence for automated operation.
  4. Access Control: Can include keypads, card readers, or remote controls.

Advantages of a Boom Barrier System

  1. Traffic Management: Efficiently manages vehicle flow.
  2. Access Control: Restricts entry to authorized vehicles only.
  3. Safety: Prevents unauthorized or accidental entry.

Boom Barrier Gate

Types of Boom Barrier Gates

  1. Standard Boom Gates: Basic design for general use.
  2. Articulated Boom Gates: Used in low ceiling environments like underground parking.
  3. Telescopic Boom Gates: For wide entry points.

Choosing the Right Boom Barrier Gate

Consider the following factors:

  • Location: Indoor or outdoor use.
  • Traffic Volume: Frequency of use.
  • Security Requirements: Level of access control needed.

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Pricing and Costs

Boom Barrier Price

The price of a boom barrier can vary based on several factors:

  • Type: Manual vs. automatic.
  • Material: Aluminum, steel, etc.
  • Features: Additional sensors, advanced control systems.

Automatic Boom Barrier Price

On average, the price for an automatic boom barrier ranges from $1,000 to $3,000. This includes the basic setup with essential features.

Boom Barrier Cost

Cost Factors:

  • Installation: Professional installation adds to the overall cost.
  • Maintenance: Regular maintenance is essential for longevity and efficient operation.

Boom Barrier Price in India

In India, prices for boom barriers can range from INR 50,000 to INR 200,000, depending on the specifications and features.

Installation and Maintenance

Installation Process

  1. Site Assessment: Evaluate the location and requirements.
  2. Foundation Work: Prepare the ground and install the base.
  3. Setup: Install the boom barrier and control systems.
  4. Testing: Ensure everything works correctly and adjust settings as needed.

Maintenance Tips

  1. Regular Cleaning: Keep the boom arm and sensors clean.
  2. Lubrication: Ensure moving parts are well-lubricated.
  3. Inspection: Regularly inspect for any wear and tear or technical issues.
  4. Professional Servicing: Schedule periodic maintenance with professionals.

Choosing The Handy Goan ensures expert installation and maintenance services, making us the best choice in Goa for all your automatic boom barrier needs.


Security Barrier Gate

Importance of Security Barrier Gates

Security barrier gates play a crucial role in managing access and enhancing security in various environments. They are commonly used in:

  • Commercial Properties: Prevent unauthorized access and manage traffic flow.
  • Residential Complexes: Provide controlled access to residents and visitors.
  • Industrial Areas: Secure entry points and protect sensitive areas.

Features of Security Barrier Gates

  1. Robust Construction: Made from durable materials to withstand impact.
  2. Advanced Controls: Can be integrated with modern access control systems.
  3. Safety Features: Equipped with sensors to prevent accidents and unauthorized access.

At The Handy Goan, we offer top-notch security barrier gates tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring maximum security and peace of mind.

Understanding Boom Barrier Systems

Gate Barrier System

A gate barrier system is a comprehensive setup that includes a boom barrier, control unit, and access control mechanisms. It ensures smooth operation and effective access management.

Boom Barrier System Components

  1. Control Panel: Manages the operation of the boom barrier.
  2. Sensors: Detect vehicles and control the opening and closing of the barrier.
  3. Remote Access: Allows remote control of the barrier system.

Parking Boom Barrier

Parking boom barriers are specifically designed to control access in parking lots. They help in:

  • Managing Traffic Flow: Prevent congestion and ensure smooth entry and exit.
  • Revenue Collection: Integrated with payment systems for paid parking lots.
  • Security: Restrict access to authorized vehicles only.


The Handy Goan provides high-quality parking boom barriers that ensure efficient traffic management and security in parking lots across Goa.

FAQs About Boom Barriers

A boom barrier is a gate that moves up and down to control vehicle access at entry and exit points. It can be operated manually or automatically.

An automatic boom barrier uses sensors and a control unit to operate. It can be triggered by remote control, RFID, or other access control systems.

The costs include the price of the boom barrier, installation charges, and maintenance costs. Automatic boom barriers are generally more expensive than manual ones.

Regular maintenance should be done monthly, with a thorough inspection and servicing at least once a year to ensure optimal performance.

Yes, boom barriers are commonly used in residential areas to control access and enhance security.


Automatic boom barriers are a vital part of modern security systems, offering efficient and reliable access control. Whether for residential, commercial, or industrial use, these barriers enhance security, manage traffic, and provide convenience. By understanding the different types, features, and pricing, you can choose the best boom barrier system to meet your specific needs.

For top-quality automatic boom barriers and professional installation services in Goa, trust The Handy Goan to deliver the best solutions tailored to your requirement

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